Are flight logs required?

In the United States, a pilot is required to log all flight time that is used to meet the minimum requirements for a certificate, rating, flight review, or instrument proficiency check, and for currency. … Because the FAA does not require an official logbook or official format, many formats are available to pilots.

Are you required to log every flight?

The regulation sets out the information, at a minimum, of what to log for training and aeronautical experience. That is, the FARs say you must log date, flight time, departure and arrival airport(s), aircraft make and model and identification, and the name of the safety pilot, if required.

Can you fly a plane without logbook?

All of these logs are not required to be in the plane, but they must be reasonably available for inspection if requested by an authorized person (usually an FAA representative known as a ‘Fed’). Without these logbooks, the fed will issue a citation (ticket) and probably suspend the pilot’s flying privileges.

Does a pilot have to carry his logbook?

A recreational pilot must carry his or her logbook with the required authorized instructor endorsements on all solo flights: That exceed 50 nautical miles from the airport at which training was received; Within airspace that requires communication with air traffic control; Conducted between sunset and sunrise; or.

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Do you have to carry your logbook?

Yes. Leave your logbook at home; only reason you would need it is while operating under an endorsement that is in your logbook. If your not then leave it at home.

Can you log flight time if you don’t take off?

Yes. According to the Kania 2004 FAA Interpretation, as long as the flight was not terminated or suspended, you’re 100% legal to log each minute as “flight time” while parked on the taxiway. The same concept holds true for ground delays when you’re awaiting takeoff clearance.

Can 2 pilots log flight time?

Yes! A common situation in which two private pilots can log pilot in command time (assuming each pilot is rated to fly the airplane) is when one pilot is flying under the hood for instrument proficiency or currency, and the second pilot is performing the role of the safety pilot.

What happens if a pilot loses his logbook?

The Inspectors Handbook includes the warning, “A pilot who has lost logbooks or flight time records should be reminded that any fraudulent or intentional false statements concerning aeronautical experience are a basis for suspension or revocation of any certificate or rating held.”

Why are flight logs so valuable?

A logbook is the indispensable diary of a pilot’s training, career, and solo journeys. It records not only where he has flown, but who he has flown with, the number of hours, how many landings were undertaken, kinds of instrument approaches, and what kind of airplane took them on the journey.

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What documents must a pilot carry?

A pilot must carry a government issued photo ID, pilot certificate, and medical certificate. When exercising the pilot privileges as a required flight crewmember, the pilot must have in physical possession, or readily accessible in the aircraft, a valid pilot certificate or special authorization.

When can an instrument approach be logged?

5. The approach can be logged if you are flying an aircraft in actual IMC, and the aircraft transitions from IMC to VMC within the final approach segment of the IAP before or upon reaching minimums.

What is the purpose of logbook?

Purpose and importance of using the logbook

The logbook creates a systematic way of managing cases. The logbook ensures all required information is recorded in a logical manner. The logbook keeps the information in one place including supporting documents.

Can student pilots log PIC time?

A student pilot may log PIC time only when he/she is the sole occupant of the aircraft (exception for airship category) while training for a pilot certificate and has a current solo flight endorsement.