Are Jet2 flights Cancelled to Malaga?

JET2 has cancelled holidays to Malaga and Alicante, as well as Faro, until 2021, as the destinations remain on the UK’s quarantine list. … “Flights and holidays to Malaga and Alicante are suspended up to and including 10th February 2021.

Are Jet2 Cancelling flights to Spain?

A statement from the company said: “Because of the ongoing uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the current UK government advice, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend all flights and holidays to Mainland Spain and Dubronik and Split for the rest of Summer 2020.”

Will Jet2 be flying in July 2021?

In a statement today the company said: “In view of the ongoing travel restrictions that are in place as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken the decision to recommence our flights and holidays programme on July 15th.” We will be introducing a range of safety measures on our aircraft and transfer vehicles.

Are Jet2 still flying to Costa del Sol?

Jet2 suspends flights and holidays to Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca airports and resorts until February 2021. … For customers due to travel up to and including October 31 and who no longer wish to do so, Jet2 is offering them the option to rebook with no admin fee.

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Are Jet2 Cancelling any holidays?

Jet2 said that customers affected by any changes will see their bookings automatically cancelled with a full refund. …

Why have Jet2 Cancelled flights to Spain?

Jet2 cancels all flights to mainland Spain and popular destinations in Croatia for rest of summer. et2 has cancelled all flights to mainland Spain and some parts of Croatia due to “ongoing uncertainty” caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Is Jet2 flying to Spain?

Latest Jet2 news as holidays and flights to Spain and Portugal are cancelled until 2021.

Will Jet2 be flying in June?

Budget airline Jet2 has delayed the restart of its flights and holidays until July following the government’s changes to the travel list. Instead of resuming on June 24, the airline’s schedule will instead be pushed back to July 1.

Are Jet2 flying to Amber destinations? has launched flights and holidays to amber list destinations as Covid-19 restrictions in England are further loosened. Fully-vaccinated customers (and children travelling with them who are under 18) can now fly to over 40 quarantine-free destinations this summer from across ten UK bases.

Are jet 2 Cancelling holidays in July? and Jet2holidays have suspended flights and holidays to all amber list destinations up to and including July 18. The sister brands said the decision was taken because they expect the next UK government review of the traffic light status of overseas destinations to be on or around July 15.

Can you change holiday dates once booked Jet2?

You can make date changes by visiting Manage My Booking, contacting our Customer Service team, or by going to one of our airport sales desks. You can make date changes at Manage My Booking, through our Call Centre or at our airport sales desks.

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Is Spain on the amber list?

But finally Spain – including the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands – remains on the UK’s amber list as it has been for most of 2021.

Is Malaga on the green list?

Unfortunately not. Popular destinations for tourists from England, including France, Greece, Spain and Italy, remain on the amber list. The list includes the majority of Europe, as well as the US and Canada.

Are Jet2 Cancelling all flights?

Jet2 has announced it will cancel all flights and holidays until 1 July following the government’s latest updates to its traffic light travel lists.

Can I move my Jet2 holiday to 2022?

The airline now lets you change your flight booking free of charge, up to two hours before departure. You’ll be able to change to any flight on sale up to September 2022 – and you don’t need to stick to the same destination you originally booked.