Can I travel by private airlines on LTC?

For ease of travel, employees can travel to these areas even by private Airlines. … He said, such government servants who are not otherwise entitled to travel by Air will also be allowed to travel by Air, under the norms of this scheme, in Economy class by any Airlines, subject to the maximum fare limit of LTC-80 scheme.

Who is eligible for air travel in LTC?

Eligibilty: Any employee with one year of continuous service on the date of journey performed by him/his family is eligible. Employees whose spouses are working in Indian Railways/National Airlines are not eligible for LTC. ‘Family’ means:- i.

Is LTC applicable for Maldives?

Maldives Ltc Packages

Free for leisure. Overnight stay in Hotel in Madurai/Port Blair with Dinner. After Breakfast, As per the flight timings check out from the hotel & proceed for Madura/Port Blair Airport.

Is Tatkal tickets allowed for LTC?

Travel by Premium trains/Premium Tatkal trains/Suvidha trains is now allowed on LTC. Further, reimbursement of tatkal charges or premium tatkal charges shall also be admissible for the purpose of LTC.

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Is taxi fare admissible in LTC?

Hence, for the to and fro journey, the fare reimbursement shall be provided for a total of 200 Kms. (100 Kms each side). As regards the second situation, it is stated that in cases where members of the family avail LTC separately, they shall also be eligible for reimbursement of taxi fare/ private transport separately.

Can I avail LTC by own car?

“(c) In case, there is no public transport available in a particular stretch of journey, the Government servant may be reimbursed as per his entitlement for journey on transfer for a maximum limit of 100 Kms covered by the private/ personal transport based on a self-certification from the Government servant.

Is Lakshadweep included in LTC?

If you have done your Lakshadweep Tour through SPORTS or any good agents, definitely you will be getting LTC / LTA Certificate for the routes travelled by you irrespective of shortest or longest route.

Can I take 2 LTC a year?

(ii) Two LTC in a calendar year is permissible. If the Hometown LTC of the period 2014-15 is availed in grace period in 2016, in the same year, Any Place in India LTC or Home Town LTC of the two year block of 2016-17 can be availed.

Can we travel abroad on LTC?

There is a scheme for Central Government Employees known as Leave Travel Concession or LTC. Using their LTC these employees can go for a trip for the number of days granted. They can travel to any destination in India. With the LTC eligible employees are granted a leave and ticket reimbursement.

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Is LTC available for Bhutan?

The approval from the ministry of civil aviation was required so that the LTC can be availed of on national carrier Air India while flying to these countries. Interestingly, latest available official data shows that there has been a decline in foreign tourist arrivals from Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka in 2013.

Can LTC be claimed on casual leave?

LTC to any place in India is admissible in lieu of one of the two journeys to Home Town once in a block of four years. LTC cannot be availed during holidays alone, but must be combined with regular leave or with casual leave. … The leave should be recommended by the competent authority.

How much LTC can be claimed?

Under the LTC cash voucher scheme, travel expenses up to ₹36,000 per person can be claimed as deduction. There are two more slab rates of ₹20,000 and ₹6,000 depending on the employees’ entitlement in case of government staff.

What is the LTC rule?

Leave Travel Concession (LTC) is granted to Central Government employees for travel to various parts of the country and home as well. The number of home travel visits allowed are two. This is made available every four years. One of the hometown visits can be substituted with an “All India visit”, if needed.

Can LTC be claimed for parents?

servants, are residing separately can claim the benefit of LTC individually for their dependent parents, minor brothers and sisters and also declare two separate places as their respective hometowns. Therefore, the husband and wife when both are Govt.

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How many times LTC can be claimed in a year?

Usually LTC can be availed twice in a block of a four calendar years. Current block of years will be as below. 2014-2017 (From 1st January 2014 to 31st December 2017). As said above you can claim only twice in a block of 4 years period.

What is block year for LTC?

The next LTC Block year is 2018-2021. During this Block years , a Government servant can avail two concessions. In line with the above rule position, the LTC for the block of 2016-2017 can be carried forward to 2018 if it was not availed in that particular block .