Does a flight instructor need a flight review?

Like any other pilot, a CFI needs to have a flight review conducted to be eligible to be a pilot. To act as a CFI, a valid pilot certificate must be kept current. This means getting that flight review every 24 months.

Who needs a flight review?

For holders of pilot certificates issued by the United States Federal Aviation Administration a flight review (previously the FAA referred to this as a biennial flight review, usually abbreviated BFR) is a review required of every active holder of a U.S. pilot certificate at least every 24 calendar months.

Can you fly without a flight review?

Some pilots discover they’ve flown without a current flight review after routinely reviewing their logbook; others realize it only after a deviation, incident, or accident triggers an FAA investigation that includes the inevitable demand to demonstrate currency during the flight at issue.

Does a flight instructor renewal count as a flight review?

CFI checkride now counts as flight review

The change allows pilots passing the CFI checkride for the first time, as well as those passing a practical test to add a rating to their flight instructor certificate, renew their certificate, or reinstate an expired certificate, to also count that as their flight review.

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Can a CFI give a flight review?

For example, a CFI with “airplane single-engine land” credentials on their certificate gets asked to provide a flight review in a multi-engine land airplane. While he or she can provide “flight reviews” in general, his or her credentials are not authorized in the correct category and class.

Can you fly solo without a flight review?

No. Solo flight requires the pilot to act as PIC which is illegal without a current flight review. This would not be necessary anyway, because the flight review is not a test, but rather an instructional flight assessing the pilot’s skills in performing a safe flight.

Do you need a medical for flight review?

The Flight Review

It’s that simple. … You do not need a current medical during the flight review as long as the flight instructor agrees to be the acting PIC, or if you are operating as a sport pilot with a current and valid U.S. driver’s license in lieu of a medical. You cannot fail a flight review.

What substitutes a flight review?

Substitutions for the flight review:

Pass a pilot proficiency check conducted by an examiner, an approved pilot check airman, or a U.S. Armed Force, for a pilot certificate, rating, or operating privilege need not accomplish the flight review.

What happens if CFI expires?

What happens if I let my CFI certificate expire? If a flight instructor allows their CFI certificate to expire, they will need to have it reinstated. This can be done by adding an additional flight instructor rating, such as a CFII or MEI. Or, the instructor will need to take a CFI reinstatement check-ride.

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What is the intent of a flight review?

The intention of the flight review is to be an industry-managed, FAA-monitored currency program. The CFI must be aware that the flight review is not a test or check ride, but an instructional service designed to assess and enhance a pilot’s knowledge and skills.

How long is a CFI good for?

Part 1 – Duration of Flight Instructor Certificate: Under current regulations, a flight instructor certificate is valid for 24 calendar months from the month in which it was issued. Prior to expiration of the instructor certificate, the regulations provide a number of renewal options.

Does a 61.58 count as a BFR?

The good news is that a 61.58 counts as a bi-annual flight review, and you’ll do enough instrument work to renew your instrument currency for another six months.

Does a type rating count as a BFR?

If you complete a phase of the Pilot Proficiency Awards Program (Wings Program), that counts as an acceptable substitute for a BFR. … And the annual and biennial training and checks that are required to keep a type rating current also satisfy the BFR requirement.

Is a flight review dual given?

Note the regulation for the Flight Review, 61.56 says “a flight review consists of a minimum of 1 hour of flight training and 1 hour of ground training.” A properly documented Flight Review will have these minimum times logged as dual instruction by an authorized CFI.