Does weight affect how far a paper airplane flies?

Increasing the mass of the paper airplane will INCREASE the distance that the airplane will travel. 2.) Increasing the mass of the paper airplane will DECREASE the distance that the airplane will travel.

Does heavier paper airplane fly farther?

Changing Mass

In the same way a rock that is thrown pushes its way through the air as compared to a cotton ball, a paper airplane with more mass flies faster and farther than a paper plane with less mass, up to a point. If the mass is too great, the wings can’t hold the plane in the air.

What affects how far a paper airplane flies?

The size and shape of its wings, particularly the main wing, affects its performance. A lightweight plane with large wings glides well but travels slowly, while heavier planes with smaller wings travel more quickly and cover larger distances.

How does weight affect how a plane flies?

When weight is increased on an aircraft, it needs to fly at a higher angle-of-attack to produce more lift, opposing the aircraft’s increase in weight. This increases both the induced drag created by the wings and the overall parasite drag on the aircraft.

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How do you weigh down a paper airplane?

You can change the center of gravity of a paper airplane by adding weight anywhere along the body. If the plane flies nose down, add weight towards the tail or remove weight from the nose. Do the opposite if the plane flies nose up.

How do you make a paper airplane fly farther?

If you want your paper airplane to go even further, put a paperclip on the forward body of the plane. The weight will help it fly farther.

What is the best weight for a paper airplane?

According to the makers of, the ideal paper weight for constructing airplanes is between 18 and 28 pounds.

What size paper airplane flies the farthest?

From the results of testing design number 2 flew the furthest with both the plane launcher and people throwing it. Design 3 however had the biggest wing span. The weight of each paper aeroplane was the same as each aeroplane was made out of the same size and weight of paper.

Does weight affect aircraft range?

As weight increases, the angle of attack for the best L/D ratio is at a higher IAS (thus TAS is higher), more speed means more drag and more power is required and it is out of proportion too because Power = Drag × TAS. Thus specific air range is lower with an increase of aircraft weight.

How far does a paper airplane fly on average?

The wide planes traveled an average distance of 30 feet 2 inches. The long narrow planes traveled an average of 21 feet and 3 inches. The wide planes traveled an average of 9 feet 1 inch farther than the long narrow planes. We determined that wide airplane designs fly farther than long narrow designs.

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