Frequent question: How much fuel does an Airbus A380 use per hour?

These have been estimated at between $26,000 and $29,000 per hour, using roughly $17,467 of fuel, or approximately $40.19 to $44.82 per mile.

How much fuel does A380 consume?

A fuel capacity of nearly 82,000 gallons, a fuel consumption rate of 10 g/nm and space for up to 853 passengers makes the A380 more fuel efficient per passenger than an average economy car.

How much does it cost to operate A380 per hour?

Why are airlines dropping the A380 even when fuel is cheap? Operating costs. Estimates are that operating A380s costs between $26,000 and $29,000 per hour. By contrast, an average flight on an American Airlines 737-800, which can hold 160-175 passengers and has a range of about 2,900 miles, costs $2,180 per hour.

How much money does it cost to fill the gas tank of an A380 aircraft?

How Much Does it Cost to Fuel an Airplane?

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Aircraft Fuel Capacity US Gallons Fuel Cost USD
Airbus A380 85,472 $400,008
Boeing 747-8 63,034 $294,999
Boeing 777-200LR 47,890 $224,125
Airbus A350-1000 41,948 $196,316

How much fuel does a 777 burn per hour?

A Boeing 777, specifically the 777-200LR burns ~6.8t of fuel per hour while the 777-300ER burns ~7.5t of fuel per hour while cruising at 892 km/h @ 30,000 ft.

How much fuel does 747 use?

According to the Boeing website, the 747 burns approximately 12 litres per kilometre. 747 can carry as many as 568 people. It can carry up to 238,840 litres of fuel.

How fast does a A380 go to take off?

Update: The take-off speed of an A380 depends on various factors such as weight, fuel, weather conditions etc. The wheels go up just after V2 (safe take-off speed), at a positive rate of climb. Under typical conditions, it is usually between 150-170 knots (170-195 mph or 275-310 kph).

Was the Concorde fuel efficient?

Inefficient at low speeds

When the Concorde was operating at Mach 2, it was known to be highly fuel-efficient. However, as a result of its design, it could burn up to two tons of fuel when simply taxiing to and from the runway.

How much fuel does takeoff use?

A jumbo jet uses around 5,000 gallons (almost 19,000 liters) of fuel to take off and climb to cruising altitude. This is about a tenth of its entire fuel capacity. Once airborne, most jumbo jets use about five gallons (19 liters) of fuel per mile.

How much does it cost to fly a 777 per hour?

The average hourly rental rate of the Boeing 777-300 is around 28,500 USD per hour.

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How much does it cost per hour to fly a 747?

The average airborne operating cost of a Boeing 747-400 is between $24,000 and $27,000 per hour, around $39.08 to $43.97 per mile, using approximately $15,374 in fuel per hour.

How much does it cost to fill a Boeing 737?

Based on 450 annual owner-operated hours and $4.25-per-gallon fuel cost, the BOEING 737-200 has total variable costs of $3,094,110.00, total fixed costs of $321,630.00, and an annual budget of $3,415,740.00. This breaks down to $7,590.53 per hour.

How much does 1 gallon of jet fuel cost?

170.8 Cents (US dollars) per Gallon.

How much fuel does a 787 burn per hour?

A Boeing 787-9 burns about 5400 litres of fuel per hour. At a cruising speed of 900km/h, that equates to 600 litres/100km.

How much fuel does a Cessna 172 burn per hour?

The burn rate of the 172 is 8.5 gallons of fuel (32.176 litres) per hour.