Frequent question: What flight time may a pilot log as second in command?

What flight time may a pilot log as second in command? All flight time when qualified and occupying a crewmember station in an aircraft that requires more than one pilot.

When can a second in command log time as pilot in command?

FAR 61.51 says you can log PIC time when you are acting as pilot-in-command and when more than one pilot is required by the regulations governing the flight. And FAR 91.109 says that when a pilot is under the hood, another pilot – the safety pilot – is required.

What is second in command pilot?

In aviation, the first officer (FO) is the second pilot (also referred to as the co-pilot) of an aircraft. The first officer is second-in-command of the aircraft to the captain, who is the legal commander. In the event of incapacitation of the captain, the first officer will assume command of the aircraft.

What time must a pilot log in his/her logbook?

A recreational pilot must carry his or her logbook with the required authorized instructor endorsements on all solo flights: That exceed 50 nautical miles from the airport at which training was received; Within airspace that requires communication with air traffic control; Conducted between sunset and sunrise; or.

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Can 2 pilots log flight time?

Yes! A common situation in which two private pilots can log pilot in command time (assuming each pilot is rated to fly the airplane) is when one pilot is flying under the hood for instrument proficiency or currency, and the second pilot is performing the role of the safety pilot.

Can you log flight time as a passenger?

To answer the original question no, you cannot log flight time as a passenger in an aircraft.

What does the second pilot do in a fighter jet?

Primarily they are weapon system operators, meaning that they control the radar and can fire some air-to-air missiles. They also operate sensors and countermeasures. Rather than the pilot, they also do most of the communicating.

What is Part 91 Subpart K?

Subpart K pertains to the minimum ownership of 1/16th of a multiengine turbojet powered or large aircraft, or 1/32nd of a helicopter. While smaller ownership shares are permitted, those fall under FAR Part 135.

What is a second officer flight engineer?

In aviation, a second officer is usually the third in line of command for a flight crew on a civil aircraft. Usually, a second officer is used on international or long haul flights where more than two crew are required to allow for adequate crew rest periods.

When can a pilot log night time?

As long as you’re using your position and anticollision lights between sunset and sunrise, logging your night flight time after the end of civil twilight, and logging your night takeoffs and landings at least one hour after sunset, you’re good to go.

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What is Command time pilot?

A pilot may log PIC time when he/she is the sole occupant of the aircraft; is the sole manipulator of the controls of an aircraft for which the pilot is rated or has privileges; or is acting as PIC where more than one pilot is required (FAR 1.1, 61.51 [e]).

When can a pilot log instrument time?

(1) A person may log instrument time only for that flight time when the person operates the aircraft solely by reference to instruments under actual or simulated instrument flight conditions.

Which flight time must you record in your logbook?

Which flight time must you record in your logbook? Flight time needed to meet the requirements for a certificate, rating, flight review, or recency of experience.

How do pilots log their hours?

Pilots log their own hours in the logbooks and keep a rough mental track of hours flown to ensure compliance with Flight Time Limitation rules. The airline will also log pilot hours to stay in accordance with FTL and compare rosters to actual hours flown.

Is a commercial pilot required to log all flight time?

(5) A commercial pilot or airline transport pilot may log all flight time while acting as pilot in command of an operation in accordance with § 135.99(c) of this chapter if the flight is conducted in accordance with an approved second-in-command professional development program that meets the requirements of § 135.99(c …