How can I check my seat in IndiGo flight?

How can I check my seat number in indigo flight?

You can follow the below steps to check your flight status after you make a booking:

  1. Logon to
  2. Click on Flight Status tab.
  3. Enter the departing and arriving destination.
  4. Enter your date of travel and Flight No.
  5. Enter your PNR or Booking Reference number.

How can I check my seat in flight?

There are two airplane seat information websites that you can use to get seat information in advance of your flight: SeatGuru and SeatLink. Both work very similarly. SeatGuru shows you airplane seat maps online so you can find out whether your airplane seat is over a wing or next to the toilets.

Where is my seat on a plane online?

To select your seat online click on the My Trips tab at the top of the page. Enter your Booking number and last name to view your itinerary. From the travel itinerary page you can scroll down and click the link “Choose Seats.” Keep in mind that airlines do charge more for select seating.

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How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?

First open the website of the Airline. Next, you have to click on my trips tab placed at the top of the page. Enter the Booking number and last name of the passenger to view your itinerary. From the travel itinerary page, you can move down and click on the link “Choose seats”.

How can I book my front seat in IndiGo?

How it works

  1. Select your flight. Select the sector you wish to travel to proceed.
  2. Select 6E Seat & Eat on 6E on 6E Add-ons tab. Select your included meal and seat, and pay for your booking.
  3. 6E Seat & Eat has been added! Enjoy your travel.
  4. Flight is booked, check your email itinerary.

How can I get free IndiGo seat?

In case you don’t wish to purchase a preferred seat you can always select any free seat available or would be assigned a seat free of charge at the time of check-in at the airport. If any seat is assigned through IndiGo’s call centre, an additional fee of INR 50 per person per sector will be levied by IndiGo.

When can I web check in IndiGo?

Check-in online for free on our website 48 hours to 60 mins before your flight. Check-in online for free on the IndiGo app 48 hours to 60 mins before your flight. Kiosk Check-in is a convenient way for passengers to check-in using IndiGo kiosks located at the airport.

Which seat is best in IndiGo flight?

According to experts, choosing the seat in front is always a better option. “Our centre of gravity is usually around 28 per cent, and the centre of pressure usually acts around 25 per cent of the mean aerodynamic chord (1/4 of the way down the wing).

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Can we change seat after web check in IndiGo?

Visit the View/Change bookings option on the homepage of our website which has a list of features that allow you to retrieve and re-print your itineraries. You can also process changes/ cancellations to the itinerary and make special service request additions (meals, seat, pre-paid excess baggage etc.) in your booking.

How can I select my seat in indigo after booking?

How it works

  1. Web Check-in. Visit site and click on Check in Tab. Enter PNR/Booking Ref and Last Name in the Fields.
  2. Passenger Page. You can select passenger seat or you can check-in through auto assigned seat. …
  3. Select seat. Select your seat.
  4. Mandatory Health Declaration.
  5. Web check-in successful.

Can we select seats in flight?

Most airline websites and booking engines allow you to choose a seat when you purchase your ticket, or to return to your reservation after your initial purchase and select a seat later. In many cases, this process is free, but some airlines have added fees for advance seats.

Is A or B the window seat?

Seat Letter Tips

If you want an aisle seat, avoid “A” seats, since those are located next to the window on most airlines. In jets with three-seat wide rows, “C” seats” and “D” seats will usually be located closest to the aisle.

What is XL seat in IndiGo?

According to IndiGo website, a passenger can book a premium seats in rows 1,12 and 13, which offers extra leg room, by paying an additional Rs 600 per person.

How can I push my back seat in IndiGo flight?

To find it, slide your hand under the armrest, close to the hinge and feel for the button. Press it and you are free to move the armrest up so that it’s flush with the back of your seat, giving you more legroom.

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