How do you get bonus points in Flight Manager 2?

How do you earn points in flight Manager 2?

Loyalty Points

You get 1 point for every comment you up vote and every one of you comments that are up voted. You lose 1 point for the opposite. Can loyalty points be converted to bonus points?

Can Planes Crash in airlines manager?

Yes, in fact, you have assigned several aircraft to the same route, so it is normal at a given time one aircraft flies on the opposite way or is next to another aircraft. However, each aircraft has a specific flight height so they never cross each other. Thus there is no crash possible between them.

How do I change routes in flight manager 2?

New Route

  1. Select your A/C.
  2. Select your desired destination country.
  3. Select your desired airport/city.
  4. Add a stopover if your plane cannot reach your intended destination.
  5. Press next.
  6. Name your route and configure your price.
  7. Add catering if you wish.
  8. Press create route and your done.

How do I increase share value in Flight Manager 2?

Increase them buy buying planes, flying planes, etc. If other people buy your shares you don’t actually get the money but just a share increase. Also of not you can initiate a share buyback if a person has not been playing for 7 days. 28.

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How do you get points in AM4?

How to grow faster in AM4?

  1. You should buy fuel only when its price is lower than $ 450. …
  2. Perform IPO, and invest in different profitable and active airlines. …
  3. Always run an eco-friendly campaign. …
  4. Try your best to train your employs at time. …
  5. 1 First class= 1.5 Business class= 3 Economy class seats.

What age rating is airline manager?

The proportion of your aircraft by age: the age rating represents the age of your aircraft since its last heavy maintenance visit. It ranges from 1 to 5: 1 for an aircraft which has just left the factory, 5 for a very old aircraft. The age rating directly affects the speed at which the aircraft’s wear rate increases.

What is sabotage of Airport?

Sabotage is the act of destroying, damaging or obstructing something; in this case, a competing airline. … Frequent and detrimental sabotage attempts increase your likelihood of being caught and fined by the Airport Manager.

How do I change my hub on flight manager?

To change the hub of an aircraft, go the web version of the game, then go to the aircraft details section of the aircraft you want to reassign.