How long is Lagos to Abuja by flight?

How many minutes is flight from Lagos to Abuja?

1 hour, 8 minutes

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How many hours journey is from Lagos to Abuja?

The distance between Abuja and Lagos by road is 536 km (333 miles). A trip from Lagos to Abuja by road will take approximately 10 hours 30 minutes. However, the time taken to travel by road from Abuja to Lagos is about 9 – 12 hours.

How far is Abuja from Lagos by air?

Distance between Abuja (ABV) and Lagos (LOS)

Flight distance from Abuja to Lagos (Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport – Murtala Muhammed International Airport) is 318 miles / 511 kilometers / 276 nautical miles. Estimated flight time is 1 hour 6 minutes.

Do I need passport to fly within Nigeria?

Do I need to carry a passport for domestic flights in Nigeria? … A form of identification or Nigerian National ID card is sufficient enough to travel within Nigeria. It’s always important to find out, so you can either contact us or the airline itself to check the airline’s policy.

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How much is Lagos to Abuja by road?

Price list for traveling from Lagos to Abuja by road – Summary

Lagos to Abuja by road price list
ABC Transport ₦7,500 – ₦9,000
GIGM Transport ₦6,850
GUO Transport ₦6,750 – ₦8,500
Chisco Group Transport ₦8,000 – ₦8,500

How long is Lagos to Abuja by train?

As the distance of travelling back and forth from Lagos to Abuja then vice versa is 1510.8 km in total, we estimate that it will take the train around 5 hours to finish the task.

How much is God is good transport from Lagos to Abuja?

God is Good Motors Price List 2021

God is Good Motors price list
From Lagos to
Abuja (Utako) Regular: ₦11,000 First class: ₦13,000
Anambra (Awka) Regular: ₦8,500 First class: ₦9,500
Imo (Owerri) Regular: ₦8,500 First class: ₦9,200

How much is it from Lagos to Abuja?

The average price for one-way from Lagos to Abuja is $51 (NGN 18 385); The average price for round-trip from Lagos to Abuja is $100 (NGN 36 050).

How many airport are there in Abuja?

Nigeria has 32 airports, 26 of which are operated by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), and five of which are functional international airports.


City served International airports Abuja
State Federal Capital Territory
Airport name Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport [1]

How long is Lagos to Ibadan by road?

If you prefer driving yourself, it takes approximately 134 km, which is just 1 hour, 24 minutes, to arrive at Ibadan.

3. How long does it take to travel from Lagos to Ibadan?

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Estimated travel distance between Lagos and Ibadan
30 mph (48 km/h) 2 hours 51 minutes

What time is the last flight from Abuja to Lagos today?

What time does the latest flight from Abuja to Lagos depart? The latest flight departs from Abuja (ABV) at 21:30 and arrives in Lagos (LOS) at 22:45.

Can I travel from Lagos to Abuja without passport?

Things to know before you travel to Abuja

You will need a valid passport, driver’s licence or ID to fly from Lagos to Abuja.

Which airline is the best in Nigeria?

Top 10 best airlines to fly in Nigeria

  • Air Peace.
  • Arik Air.
  • Azman Air.
  • Dana Air.
  • Aero Contractors.
  • First Nation Air.
  • Overland Air.
  • Max Air.

Do you need passport for local flight?

For domestic flights, you don’t need to bring your passport but will need some form of government-issued identification. Some airlines will allow you to bring two pieces of non-photo identification that match the name and date of birth on your reservation.