How many Airbus A320 have been sold?

The Airbus A320 is the second best-selling airliner of all time behind the Boeing 737. Through the end of February, 2020, Airbus has sold 15,522 aircraft belonging to the A320-family compared to 15,156 orders for all versions of the Boeing 737.

How many Airbus A320 are there?

Airbus A320 family

A320 family A318/A319/A320/A321
Primary users American Airlines China Eastern Airlines EasyJet China Southern Airlines
Produced 1986–present
Number built 10,066 as of 31 October 2021
Variants Airbus A318 Airbus A319 Airbus A321

How common are A320?

Until May 2019, a total of 8,845 aircraft belonging to the Airbus A320 family have been sold and delivered, and a total of 8,439 of said aircraft are still in service. This makes the A320 the fastest-selling jet airliner family in the world, as well as the best-selling single generation aircraft program.

How many Airbus A320 have crashed?

For the entire A320 family, 160 aviation accidents and incidents have occurred (the latest being Pakistan International Airlines Flight 8303 on 22 May 2020), including 36 hull loss accidents, and a total of 1393 fatalities in 17 fatal accidents.

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Who is the largest A320 operator?

Simple Flying takes a look.

  • American Airlines is, for now, the largest operator of the Airbus A320 family worldwide. …
  • American’s first Airbus narrowbody aircraft were legacy-US Airways planes. …
  • American took over its Airbus A330s from US Airways. …
  • American Airlines took its first Airbus A321neo in 2019.

Is A320 bigger than 737?

Airbus A320 has a length of 37.57 m/123 ft 3 inches. Boeing 737-800 is 39.5m/ 129 ft 7 inches long. Typically, A320 has a passenger seating capacity of 150 but can accommodate 190 pax at maximum. Boeing 737-800 can typically carry 162 passengers and 198 passengers at most.

Can an A320 cross the Atlantic?

Despite newer models of the 737 and A320 families having more than enough range to cross the North Atlantic (and also most of the older models, if they refuel at Gander andor Shannon along the way; the only one for which this isn’t the case is the 737-100, which would require an additional fuel stop in Keflavik, and …

Is the 747 still in production?

Boeing has announced that production of the iconic 747 will come to an end in 2022 as dwindling customer demand and low sales for its latest variant became the final nail in the coffin for the aging plane line. The 747 was the first quad-jet engine and dual-level passenger aircraft to roam the skies.

What is the cost of an Airbus A320?

The list prices for the A320 family of jets range from $77.4 million for the A318ceo to $129.5 million for the A321neo. The A320 lists for $101 million while the A320neo has a $110.6 million entry price. Here’s a look back at how the Airbus A320 came to become to the Boeing 737’s greatest foe.

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How fast is a Airbus A320?

AirBus A320 Specs

Airbus A318 Airbus A320
Type A318 A320
Freight Capacity 21.21 Cubic Metres (749 cu ft) 37.41 Cubic Metres (1,321 cu ft)
Cruising Speed Mach 0.78 (828KPH / 511 MPH at 11,000 Metres / 36,000 feet)
Maximum Operating Speed Mach 0.82 (871KPH / 537 MPH at 11,000 Metres / 36,000 feet)

Which is faster Airbus or Boeing?

The Airbus A380 can reach speeds of more than 1,000 kilometres per hour! Now the Boeing 787 Dreamliner (907 km/h) and Boeing 777 (905 km/h) aren’t that fast, but still three times faster than a Formula 1 racing car.

Are there any 737 100 still flying?

Do Any 737-100s Still Exist

Thankfully the prototype 737-100 aircraft, N515NA (originally N73700) has been preserved at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. It still wears its NASA livery, and resides among other important Boeing aircraft like the prototype 747 and former Air Force One 707.

Has a Boeing 737-700 ever crashed?

August 16, 2010: AIRES Flight 8250, a 737-700, crashed and split into three pieces on the Colombian island of San Andres. … April 17, 2018: Southwest Airlines Flight 1380, a 737-700, made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport following an in-flight engine failure of the left engine.