How many passengers can be carried in a Cessna 152 including the pilot?

The Cessna 152 is an American two-seat, fixed-tricycle-gear, general aviation airplane, used primarily for flight training and personal use. It was based on the earlier Cessna 150 incorporating a number of minor design changes and a slightly more powerful engine with a longer time between overhaul.

How many passengers can a Cessna carry?

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is an American four-seat, single-engine, high wing, fixed-wing aircraft made by the Cessna Aircraft Company. First flown in 1955, more 172s have been built than any other aircraft.

Can a Cessna 172 carry 4 adults?

Other than that, I flew a 160hp with 4 people and partial tanks, and it handled pretty much the same as just me and a passenger. 172Ns at max gross fly virtually identically to 172SPs at max gross. And they can fit more stuff because they aren’t fat pigs.

How many people can a Cessna 150 carry?

The Cessna 150 is a two-seat tricycle gear general aviation airplane that was designed for flight training, touring and personal use. In 1977 it was succeeded in production by the Cessna 152, a minor modification to the original design.

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How much weight can a Cessna 152 carry?


1978 Cessna 152 1985 Cessna 152
Standard Empty Weight 1,081 lbs. 1,109 lbs.
Max. Useful Load Normal Category N/A N/A
Max. Useful Load Utility Category 589 lbs. 566 lbs.
Baggage Capacity 120 lbs. 120 lbs.

How many passengers can a Cessna 182 carry?

Useful Load (Carrying Capacity) of a Cessna 182 Skylane

It is one of the few airplanes that has four seats that can actually comfortably carry four people along with a reasonable amount of fuel.

How far can a Cessna 152 fly?

The Cessna 152’s range depends on certain variables. A 152 with long range tanks could fly as far as 690 NM (1200 km or 800 miles), but to do that you’d have to climb to 10’000′, reduce the power and fly for 8.7 hours, which is a very long time in a 152.

How much passenger weight can a Cessna 172 carry?

In fact, you can have up to ~ 600 lbs on the front seat and 40 gallons in the tanks, and still remain within the normal category for the CG/Moment Envelope and CG Limits — based on the 172P POH. So, why does the pilot and front passenger loading graph end at 400 lbs, in the POH?

How much weight can a Cessna carry?


Maximum Ramp Weight 2,558 lb (1,160 kg)
Basic Empty Weight 1,680 lb (762 kg)
Useful Load 878 lb (398 kg)
Maximum Payload 870 lb (395 kg)
Full Fuel Payload 560 lb (254 kg)

How much weight can a Cessna hold?

A Cessna 172S has a maximum gross weight capacity of 2,550 pounds. Exactly how much passenger weight you can carry aboard will depend on: The empty weight of your Cessna 172, taking into account additional installed equipment. And how much fuel you’ll be carrying.

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What is the difference between a Cessna 152 and 172?

The Cessna 152 is the world’s tried-and-true trainer. The 2-seat C-152 is a strong, stable, and durable aircraft and it is powered by a reliable Lycoming engine. … The Cessna 172 is the 4 seater version of the 152. Most people do their initial training on the 152 as it is a little more economical.

How much is a Cessna 152?

Cessna 152s were slightly more valuable, with an average price of $22,500. Airplanes with expensive radios, paint jobs, and/or larger horsepower engines typically sell in the $25,000-$30,000 range.

What is the range of a 150 Cessna?

As noted above, the 150 really does not want to climb with flaps at 40 degrees. The Cessna 152 came in two versions. … Like the Cessna 150, the Cessna 152 had standard and long-range fuel tanks. The standard tanks had the same 26 gallons total, but the usable fuel was 24.5 gallons.

Why did Cessna stop making the 152?

In 1978 Cessna introduced a revised model, the 152, with a 110 horsepower Lycoming 0-235 engine. … Like most light plane companies in the US, Cessna stopped building light aircraft all together in the mid 1980’s because of excessive product liability lawsuits. The last Model 152 rolled off the production line in 1985.