Question: What is the average cruise speed of a Cessna 172?

The aircraft had a gross weight of 2,550 lb (1,157 kg) and an optimal cruise speed of 122 knots (226 km/h) compared to the 172P’s cruise speed of 120 knots (222 km/h) on 20 hp (15 kW) less.

What is normal cruise speed Cessna 172?

The cruising speed of a Cessna 172 Skyhawk is 122 knots with a maximum speed of 163 knots.

What is the cruise speed of a Cessna?


Maximum Cruise Speed 124 ktas (230 km/h)
Service Ceiling 14,000 ft (4,267 m)
Maximum Climb Rate 730 fpm (223 mpm)
Maximum Limit Speed 163 kias (302 km/h)
Stall Speed 48 kcas (89 km/h)

How far can a Cessna 172 fly on a full tank?

The 747 has a range of more than 6,000 miles, and a top speed of around 600mph, while the Cessna 172 will fly for 800 miles on a full tank (about the distance from London to Venice), travelling at a stately maximum velocity of 150mph.

What does a 172 cruise at?

Maximum Cruise Speed: 124 ktas (230 km/h) Maximum Range: 640 nm (1,185 km) Takeoff Distance: 1,630 ft (497 m) Ground Roll: 960 ft (293 m)

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What is the cruise speed of a Cessna 182?

The Turbo 182 has a top speed of 168 knots and cruises at 158 knots at 75% power and 20,000 feet and 145 knots (167 mph) at 75% power and 10,000 feet.

What is the cruising speed of a Cessna 150?

60 knots is considered to be the optimum takeoff speed. This speed will allow enough lift under the wings to give a smooth, stall-free takeoff. What is the landing speed of a Cessna 172? Same as rotation speed, around 60 KIAS with 10-degree flaps.

What is the cruising speed of a Cessna 152?

Read the stories from our four ferry flight pilots when they pick up our two brand new Cessna 172 in the USA. The adventure takes them on a 2 weeks-long journey through the USA and Canada, over the Atlantic Ocean to Greenland, Iceland, Shetland Islands, and to their end destination in Arendal, Norway.

Can a Cessna fly upside down?

The answer is yes for a “little” bit! Unlike military fighters, commercial planes do not have the engine power for sustained inverted flight and rely on lift from the wings. … The MD-80, as with all commercial airliners, was designed to fly upright. Commercial airliners are only tested and certified for upright flight.”

Can you fly a Cessna around the world?

Juan-Peter Schulze, left, and Louis Cole are spending three months in a tiny Cessna 210 circumnavigating the globe. … In just under three months, the pair have traveled from California to Auckland, stopping in 17 countries along the way.

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How many hours does a Cessna 172 engine have?

Engine Time

Cessna 172’s with Continental engines have a TBO (time before overhaul) of 1800 hours vs Lycoming engines, who’s TBO is 2,000 hours. Getting the aircrafts (SMOH) Time since major overhaul is a major factor affecting the price.

Are Cessna 172 still made?

The Cessna 172, which first rolled off the production line in 1956, is still in production today. And if any design could claim to be the world’s favourite aircraft, it’s the 172. More than 43,000 Cessna 172s have been made so far.