What are the top 3 characteristics of a flight attendant?

What are the top 5 skills required to become a cabin crew?

20 Essential Skills Needed to Become a Cabin Crew Member

  • Customer Service Skills. …
  • Teamwork. …
  • Communication Skills. …
  • Friendliness and Positivity. …
  • Caring and Understanding. …
  • Professionalism and Responsibility. …
  • Independence and Dependability. …
  • Empathy.

What skills are important for flight attendants?

Key skills for air cabin crew

  • Good communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to remain calm in emergencies or when dealing with difficult passengers.
  • Diplomacy and tact.
  • Good colour vision and hearing.
  • Good general health and fitness – many airlines require cabin staff to be able to swim at least 25m.

What is the most important function of flight attendants?

Flight Attendants are generally responsible for ensuring passengers’ safety and comfort at all times. Their duties include ensuring that the emergency equipment is working, that the cabin is clean, and that there is an adequate supply of food and beverages.

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What values should a flight attendant have?

Flight attendants typically have the following work values:

  • Consider relationships important. They like to work in a friendly, non-competitive environment. …
  • Consider support from their employer important. …
  • Consider good working conditions important. …
  • Consider independence important.

What are the characteristics of a flight attendant?

Flight attendants should also possess the following specific qualities:

  • Attentiveness. Flight attendants must be aware of passengers’ needs to ensure a pleasant travel experience. …
  • Communication skills. …
  • Customer-service skills. …
  • Decision-making skills. …
  • Physical stamina.

What personality traits do you need to be a flight attendant?

These include:

  • Calm under pressure and stressful situations.
  • Confidence.
  • Conflict arbitrator.
  • Conscientious and dedicated.
  • Excellent attitude (positive thinker)
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Multi-tasker.
  • Observant and aware of your surroundings.

What is the most challenging part of being a flight attendant?

While the hardest part of the job doesn’t always happen on board, things can get stressful mid-flight. “We have to be prepared for anything: a fire, an irate passenger or a medical event. And medical events happen more than you’d think,” Sarah Motter, another member of the crew, told me.

What are top 3 skills and abilities for airport ground staff?

Transferable skills required to work as a member of airport ground staff include flexibility, problem solving skills, teamworking, interpersonal skills, communication, and responsibility.

What are the pros and cons of being a flight attendant?

18 PROS & CONS of Being a Flight Attendant

Pros Cons
You meet a lot of people and make lifelong friends You get into bad eating habits
You gain people and social skills The pay when you first start out is low, super low
There’s no routine, so you’ll never get bored You are often on standby (on-call)
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Do flight attendants make good money?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, flight attendants make an average of $56,000 per year. … While flight attendants have better salaries than your average service worker who gets paid around $30,000 a year, they make a little less than the average professional worker, who gets paid around $60,000 a year.

How much does a flight attendant make?

Flight Attendant Salaries

Job Title Salary
Qantas Flight Attendant salaries – 4 salaries reported $24/hr
Network Aviation Flight Attendant salaries – 4 salaries reported $47,622/yr
Qantas Flight Attendant salaries – 3 salaries reported $35/hr
Regional Express Flight Attendant salaries – 3 salaries reported $49,243/yr

How can I be a good flight attendant?

2) Know Your Stuff!

  1. Learn everything you can– about the airline, about the destinations, and most importantly, how to speak like a flight attendant.
  2. Memorize the materials in advance. …
  3. Know “the look”. …
  4. Follow the dress code. …
  5. Stay positive. …
  6. Pay attention in class. …
  7. Keep smiling!