What is Boeing’s next plane?

The new aircraft, which would likely have been named the Boeing 797, would be available in two versions: a 225-seater with 5,000 nmi (9,300 km) range and a 275-seater with a range of 4,500 nmi (8,300 km).

What will replace the Boeing 757?

The Boeing NMA

This was seen as a new design – a replacement for the 757, but most likely taking the widebody form of the 767.

Can Boeing 757 be revived?

Boeing and Airbus have resorted to stretching their small aircraft, with the latest extra-long-range variants—the 737 MAX-10 and the A321XLR, respectively—expected to enter service in 2023. … And Boeing can’t update the 757, since production stopped in 2004 and the supply chain is long gone.

Is Boeing still making 777?

The most common and successful variant is the 777-300ER with 844 aircraft ordered and 810 delivered. By March 2018, the 777 had become the most-produced Boeing wide-body jet, overtaking the Boeing 747.

Boeing 777
Produced 1993–present
Number built 1,675 as of October 2021 based on deliveries
Developed into Boeing 777X
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Is Boeing 777 bigger than 747?

The 777 is both longer in length than the 747, as well as having a longer wingspan. No surprisingly, the 777 is shorter than the 747, however, it isn’t as short as you’d expect, it’s only three feet shorter.

Are there any Boeing 707 still flying?

As of 2019, only a handful of 707s remain in operation, acting as military aircraft for aerial refueling, transport, and AWACS missions.

Is Delta retiring the 757?

Delta Air Lines has yet to fully reveal its plans to retire its strong Boeing 757 fleet. Cherishing every one of those lucrative and flexible jets, Delta has invested in keeping the planes airworthy and flying for as long as they possibly can.

Why was 757 discontinued?

Amid declining customer interest, and despite a renewed sales campaign, the final nail in the coffin for the 757 came in 2003. At this time, Continental Airlines swapped its 757-300 orders for the smaller 737-800. This caused Boeing to announce the end of 757 production.

Will Boeing build a new plane?

Boeing is planning for its next jet to replace the 757 and 767 models that it introduced four decades ago. The new aircraft would fill a gaping hole in Boeing’s current product portfolio between the largest 737 MAX model (the 737 MAX 10) and the smallest Dreamliner model (the 787-8). Image source: Boeing.

Which is the biggest Boeing plane?

The 747-8 is the world’s longest currently-operational passenger airliner, surpassing the Airbus A340-600 by 3.1 ft (0.95 m). With a maximum take-off weight of 975,000 lb (442 t), the 747-8 is the heaviest aircraft, commercial or military, manufactured in the U.S.

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Do Boeing 727 still fly?

Various cargo carriers in the United States still fly a handful of Boeing 727 freighters. They include USA Jet Airlines, MP Aviation, Kalitta Charters, Interjet West, Gulf and Caribbean Cargo, and Anchorage-based Everts Air Cargo. … The remaining Boeing 727 operators are scattered far and wide.

Which plane is bigger 787 or 777?

The Boeing 777 series is generally larger than the 787 and thus can carry more passengers. The 787-10 has a higher capacity than the smaller 777-200 series. However, it falls short of the larger 777-300 models by 66 passengers in a typical two-class configuration.

What is the newest commercial plane?

Take a look at the enormous new flagship Boeing hopes will be its redemption. Boeing’s newest aircraft, the Boeing 777X, flew for the first time in January 2020 after lengthy delays. It’s the largest twin-engine jet in the world and Boeing’s latest new aircraft to fly since the grounding of the 737 Max.

Do 747 still fly passengers?

There’s one airline that is operating the 747 for passengers but isn’t a regular scheduled commercial carrier. That airline is Atlas Air, which offers the 747 for charter services.

What is the biggest aircraft in the world?

Let’s nerd out over them together. By most metrics, the Antonov An-225 is the biggest plane in the world. The Antonov Design Bureau in Ukrainian SSR built just one of these monster cargo aircraft.

Why are Boeing planes named 7×7?

So, to sum up, Why do Boeing models start with a 7? The engineering division dedicated the number 700 to jet-engined aircraft. Boeing’s marketing division realized that the name 700 for their first jet aircraft would sound boring, so they suggested the name to be the 707, which had quite a nice ring to it.

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