What is the airline code for Emirates?

What is my airline code?

IATA Airline codes

IATA code – MAWB IATA code IATA airlines
IATA – 098 IATA – AI Air India
IATA – 105 IATA – AY Finnair
IATA – 106 IATA – BW Caribbean Airlines
IATA – 108 IATA – FI Icelandair

Why is Emirates airline code ek?

The EK of Emirates stands for “Emirates through Karachi” as the first-ever flight of Emirates was from Dubai to Karachi in 1985. … In the early 1980s, Dubai’s royal family aimed to launch an Emirati airline for the first time and so they took two aircraft from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on a wet-lease.

What airline code is 5M?

Airline Code Full Details

Mediterranean Aviation Operations
Full Name: Mediterranean Aviation Operations Company Ltd.
IATA Code: 5M* ICAO Code: MDO ICAO Callsign: Kuda
IATA Accounting Code: IATA Prefix Code: Country: Malta
Website URL medavia.com

What is a 3 digit airline code?

3 digit airline ticketing codes are the numbers of an airline which the ticket was issued on its stock. This is usually the same airline as the airline which is carrying out the actual flight. For example: Continental Airlines codes: 2-letter code is CO, 3-letter is COA, and the IATA code is 005.

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What airport code is DXB?

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