What type of aircraft was built at the Bell Aircraft Marietta plant?

Bell Aircraft Corporation built B-29 bombers at its Marietta, Georgia, plant during World War II.

What did they build at the Bell Aircraft Company?

The Bell Aircraft Corporation was an American aircraft manufacturer, a builder of several types of fighter aircraft for World War II but most famous for the Bell X-1, the first supersonic aircraft, and for the development and production of many important civilian and military helicopters.

What type of plane did the Bell Aircraft Bell Bomber plant build?

The Bell Bomber plant in Marietta, Georgia was a facility built for the production of B-29 aircraft during World War II. The construction of the plant was funded by the federal government and designed by Robert & Company of Atlanta, Georgia. When the plant opened, it was operated by the Bell Aircraft Corporation.

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Did the Bell Bomber plant produce aircraft?

The plant, originally occupied by Bell Aircraft, began operation in April 1943 and was intended specifically to produce B-29 Superfortresses under license from Boeing.

United States Air Force Plant 6
Built 1942
In use 1942-Present
Garrison information
Occupants Air Force Materiel Command

Where were B-29 bombers built in Georgia?

Robins AFB served as a repair facility for B-29s during World War II and after the war a large number of B-29s were put in long-term storage at Robins where they remained until the outbreak of the Korean War when they were returned to service. The Museum’s B-29 was built at the Bell Bomber Plant in Marietta, Georgia.

What impact did the Bell Bomber Plant have in Marietta?

Production began in 1943, and the impact on Georgia’s economic recovery was tremendous. The federal government poured $73 million into the plant by the war’s end, and at its height the plant employed 28,158 people. Ninety percent of these were Southerners, 37 percent were women, and 8 percent were African American.

How did the Bell aircraft benefit Marietta?

This aircraft manufacturing plant transformed Marietta into a major industrial center of the State. … Bell equipped the main manufacturing facilities with air conditioning, a recent innovation that could only be found in premier movie theaters at that time.

Where was Bell x1 made?

The first powered flight of the X-1-1 was made on April 11, 1946, at Muroc Army Air Field with Chalmers “Slick” Goodlin, a Bell test pilot, at the controls.

How many Georgians worked in the Bell Bomber Plant?

Nearly 30,000 Georgians were employed at this plant, more than half of them were women; Bell employees ultimately produced 663 B-29 aircraft for the US Army Air Forces between 1943 and 1945.

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When was Bell aircraft founded?

Bell Helicopter was founded on July 10, 1935 by Lawrence Dale Bell in Buffalo, New York. The company’s original name was Bell Aircraft Corporation. Bell’s initial focus was on the design and construction of fighter aircraft. The first helicopters the company produced were the XFM-1 Airacuda and the P-39 Airacobra.

What did the Bell Aircraft Company in Marietta produce during WWII?

1943. Bell Aircraft Corporation built B-29 bombers at its Marietta, Georgia, plant during World War II.

Where did Bell aircraft come from and where did they build a plant in Georgia?

Where did Bell aircraft come from and where did they build a plant in Georgia? Washington chose Buffalo, N.Y. -based Bell Aircraft as one of several companies to build the bomber, and Bell chose to build a plant in Marietta in which to do so based on several factors.

How did Bell aircraft impact Georgia during World War II?

With the help of President Roosevelt, the federal government created Bell Aircraft which produced 663 B-29 bombers that helped the United States win World War II. The manufacturing plant turned rural Cobb County into a thriving industrial region in Georgia.

When was the B-29 bomber built?

The Boeing B-29 Superfortress is an American four-engined propeller-driven heavy bomber designed by Boeing and flown primarily by the United States during World War II and the Korean War.

Boeing B-29 Superfortress.

B-29 Superfortress
Produced 1943–1946
Number built 3,970

Where was the B-29 Superfortress built?

Boeing built new B-29 plants at Renton, Washington, and Wichita, Kansas, while Bell built a new plant at Marietta, Georgia, and Martin built one in Omaha, Nebraska.

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How many B-29s were built in Wichita Kansas?

The battle. By Mid January 1944, 97 B-29s had been built by Wichita.