What’s the meaning of Airbus?

What is the full meaning of Airbus?

or air bus

a short-range or medium-range commercial passenger airplane, especially one that is part of a frequent shuttlelike service between two popular destinations.

Why is it called Airbus?

The name “Airbus” was taken from a non-proprietary term used by the airline industry in the 1960s to refer to a commercial aircraft of a certain size and range, as it was linguistically-acceptable to the French.

Is Airbus in the dictionary?

Yes, airbus is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is an Airbus used for?

Airbus’ diverse product line includes everything from passenger aircraft to freighters and private jets. With each of the company’s aircraft family showcasing pioneering design, superior comfort and unparalleled efficiency. We are setting standards for a modern, sustainable aviation industry.

Who owns the Airbus company?

Airbus/Головные организации
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