Why is Southwest Airlines a great place to work?

Southwest is one of the most honored airlines in the world, known for a triple bottom line approach that contributes to the carrier’s performance and productivity, the importance of its People and the communities they serve, and an overall commitment to efficiency and the planet.

Is Southwest Airlines a good place to work?

Here’s What It’s Like to Work for Southwest, One of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work for 10 Years in a Row. … This year marks the 10th consecutive year in a row that Southwest Airlines has ranked as one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work, based off of reviews and satisfaction from company employees themselves.

What is so great about Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines is more flexible than most other large airlines. Southwest is the only large U.S. airline that is also a low-cost carrier. Southwest Airlines’ strategy emphasizes recruiting and retaining motivated employees. Southwest continues to improve its business model and practices.

What is unique about Southwest Airlines company culture?

Southwest has its own definition of culture: The development, improvement, and refinement of the originality, individuality, identity, and personality of a given people. The unique, fun, loving culture of Southwest has been a core component of its success.

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What is the best airline to work for?

The 19 Best Airlines/Aviation Companies to Work For As Rated by the Women Who Work There (November 2021)

  1. Virgin America. 4.1 stars. …
  2. Allegiant. 4.0 stars. …
  3. Air Methods. 3.8 stars. …
  4. Southwest Airlines. 3.7 stars. …
  5. United Airlines. 3.5 stars. …
  6. Delta. 3.4 stars. …
  7. GE Aviation. 3.3 stars. …
  8. SkyWest Airlines. 3.3 stars.

What does Southwest do for their employees?

Other available benefits include adoption assistance reimbursement, paid adoption leave, parental leave (Noncontract Employees), child and elder care resource and referral program, committed partner benefits, a concierge program, supplemental hospital insurance, pet insurance, auto and home insurance, and long-term …

What does Southwest look for in employees?

Southwest follows a ”Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill” recruiting method, spending long portions of time on the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process. … Southwest looks for traits such as teamwork and an employee’s ability to not take themselves so seriously in their hiring practices.

Why is Southwest so loved?

Great service. According to JD Power, Southwest Airlines has the highest customer satisfaction of any airline in North America, trouncing both its low-cost and traditional competitors. A major factor has to be its service, which in my experience is far less surly and prone to power-trips than on other airlines.

What is Southwest mission?

Our Mission

The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.

What is it like flying Southwest?

Southwest Airlines is technically considered a Low-Cost Airline, but they do things a little differently than their low-cost competitors. Southwest still offers a cheap basic fare. But unlike other carriers that give you just a bare bones seat and one personal item for that price, Southwest includes some great perks.

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What is Southwest Value?

Southwest Airlines publishes their core values. They are: Warrior Spirit (Work Hard; Desire to the best; Be courageous; Display a sense of urgency; Persevere; Innovate)

What can you learn from Southwest Airlines?

In addition, Southwest Airlines can boast these acheivements: It has never had a fatality in 30 years of flying.

Here are Southwest’s four lessons of success.

  • Create a legendary culture.
  • Employees come first. Customers come second.
  • Make your work fun.
  • Give back. It’s the right thing to do!

Is Southwest a strong culture company?

Southwest’s Organizational Culture Type and Characteristics

Southwest Airlines has an organizational culture for employee well-being. … This organizational cultural aspect contributes to satisfactory employee performance, which leads to high business performance in the air travel market.

Do all Southwest employees fly free?

Employees and their parents/immediate family can fly at no charge on Southwest Airlines. Employees also receive discounts on hotels, rental cars, and amusement parks.

What are the perks of working for an airline?

Most airlines offer health insurance, and other benefits such as paid time off and 401K, even to their hourly employees (which is just about everyone you see at the airport and in-flight). Benefits will vary, however, depending on the airline, region and seniority.

What is the highest paying airline?


  1. Alaska Airline: As one of the oldest airlines in the United States, Alaska Airline maintains an impeccable reputation with its employees. …
  2. Delta Airline: …
  3. United airlines: …
  4. American Airways: …
  5. Jet blue Airways: …
  6. Southwest Airline: …
  7. Spirit Airlines: …
  8. Frontier Airlines:
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