You asked: How do I contact Airbus?

What is Airbus phone number?

If you experience any technical issues and need assistance, please call our office at (805) 964-7759 or toll-free at (800) 423-1618.

Where is the Airbus headquarters?

At its site in Newport, south Wales, Airbus specialises in secure connectivity, cyber solutions and the security of critical infrastructure in the UK, serving as key partners in government and NATO-led information infrastructure programmes.

Is Airbus a US company?

It is owned by EADS, a European aerospace company. Airbus has its headquarters in Blagnac, France. Airbus began as a consortium (a group) of aircraft makers called Airbus Industrie.

Where does the Santa Barbara Airbus drop off?

Airbus now picks up and drops off at MTD bus stop near the Santa Barbara Zoo. We firmly believe that the internet should be available and accessible to anyone and are committed to providing a website that is accessible to the broadest possible audience, regardless of ability.

Who owns the Airbus company?

Airbus’s registered headquarters is in Leiden, Netherlands, but its head office is located in Toulouse, France. The ‘SE’ in its corporate name means it is a societas Europaea, which enables it to be registered as European rather than Dutch. Its shares are traded in France, Germany and Spain.

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Who is CEO of Airbus?

Airbus UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus which produces wings for Airbus aircraft. When Airbus was incorporated as a joint-stock company in 2001, BAE Systems transferred its UK Airbus facilities in return for a 20% share of the new company.

Is Airbus a Canadian company?

Canada is a strategic country for Airbus, and with more than 35 years in country, approximately 3,800 employees and the A220 Family partnership Airbus’ presence in Canada will continue to grow.

Who created Airbus?


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