You asked: What does take a flight mean?

What does the saying take flight mean?

1 : to leave or run away from danger Fearing arrest, they took flight and hid in the mountains. 2 US : to begin flying The bird took flight when we tried to approach it. 3 US : to begin a period of rapid activity, development, or growth The idea really took flight and soon it seemed everyone was copying it.

What does it mean to flight someone?

: to cause (someone) to leave or run away The rebels were put to flight by the advancing army.

What does flying mean in slang?

FLY means “Cool, Sexy, Smart or Stylish.”

Do not take the flight the meaning?

To flee or run away (from someone or something). The would-be burglars took flight as soon as they heard the police sirens. We’ve committed our troops to this cause, and we shall not take flight just because the path has proved difficult. See also: flight, take.

What does let your dreams take flight mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Dreams Take Flight programme was created by a group of Air Canada employees to give a trip of a lifetime to Disney World or Disneyland for a day for children who have experienced medical, mental, physical, social or emotional challenges.

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What is the meaning of takes off?

1a : to start off or away often suddenly : set out, depart took off for her trip. b : to leave the surface : begin flight.

How do you use flight in a sentence?

“He participated in space flights.” “They took a hot air balloon flight.” “The jet was the first to achieve supersonic flight.” “There is a narrow flight of stairs in their house.”

What type of word is flight?

As detailed above, ‘flight’ can be an adjective or a noun. Adjective usage: Note: Nowadays we refer to people being flighty instead. Noun usage: Birds are capable of flight. Noun usage: The migrating birds’ flight took them to Africa.

What is the meaning of fly into?

Definition of fly into

: to be overcome by (sudden extreme emotion) He flew into a rage. They flew into a panic.

What is a Fly Girl?

“A fly girl is a woman who doesn’t compare herself to others because she’s one of a kind. She’s unique. She’s wonderfully and fearfully made. She understands the importance of looking after her health and fitness, as it impacts everything else in her life – but the beautiful thing is, she doesn’t strive for perfection.

What does it mean when a guy calls you fly?

It’s a slang term that means she is really “cool” and “attractive”. Basically, the guy likes the girl and thinks she is a very fun person to be around.

What is a Flite?

noun. a dispute or wrangle; scolding.

What does in flight status mean?

Filters. An updated notice of a flight’s departure and arrival times compared to its scheduled times. noun.

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Does flight mean escape?

The act or an instance of escaping, as from confinement or difficulty: break, breakout, decampment, escape, escapement, getaway.