You asked: Why do we investigate aircraft accidents?

The objective of the investigation is to identify the circumstances and causes of the accident so that lessons can be learned to prevent aviation accidents and improve flight safety. It is not the purpose of the air accident investigation to apportion blame or liability.

What is the purpose of investigation in aircraft accidents?

The purpose of the investigation is to find out why the accident happened and how similar events might be avoided in the future, rather than to apportion blame.

Why is it important to be informed about aircraft accidents and incidents?

Whether it is pilot error, instrument malfunction, or an accident caused by ATC, knowing how to understand and avoid the same fate is paramount to creating safer skies. … For example, the first accident that we investigated was Colgan Air flight 3407.

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Why is it effective to analyze aviation incidents?

Aviation accident analysis is performed to determine the cause of errors once an accident has happened. In the modern aviation industry, it is also used to analyze a database of past accidents in order to prevent an accident from happening.

How a plane accident is investigated?

At the beginning of the inquiry, the investigator-in-charge, usually an investigator from the lead country’s aviation safety board, coordinates with local first responders to determine what hazards may be present at the crash site, and ensures safe access for investigators to visit the wreckage.

Who is responsible for aircraft accident investigation?

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is an independent government agency that investigates every civil aviation accident in the United States.

What is the role of the aircraft accident investigation and Inquiry Board here in the Philippines?

The AAIIB is responsible for the investigation of air accidents and incidents involving civil aircraft occurring within the Republic of the Philippines; or occurring outside the Republic of the Philippines involving a Republic of the Philippines registered aircraft or aircraft operated by a Republic of the Philippines …

Why is just culture important in aviation?

Why is a Just Culture important? A Just Culture is a prerequisite to a Reporting Culture where people feel they will be treated fairly, are encouraged to and therefore readily report hazards, safety concerns, errors and near misses which provide the organisation with vital safety-related information.

What are the 3 P’s in aviation?

3P Model (Perceive, Process, and Perform). To use the 3P model, the pilot: Perceives the given set of circumstances for a flight. Processes by evaluating the impact of those circumstances on flight safety.

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What are the 5 P’s in aviation?

One practical application is called the “Five Ps (5 Ps).” [Figure 2-9] The 5 Ps consist of “the Plan, the Plane, the Pilot, the Passengers, and the Programming.” Each of these areas consists of a set of challenges and opportunities that every pilot encounters.

Why occurrence reporting is important in the aviation industry?

The purpose of occurrence reporting is to improve aviation safety by ensuring that relevant safety information relating to civil aviation is reported, collected, stored, protected, exchanged, disseminated, and analysed. It is not to attribute blame or liability.

What is effective safety reporting?

Effective safety reporting of hazards by operational personnel is an important cornerstone of the management of safety. Therefore, an operational environment in which operational personnel have been trained and are constantly encouraged to report hazards is the prerequisite for effective safety reporting.

What are the 3 factors that cause accidents?

According to safety experts, there are three basic causes/factors that contribute to accidents in organisations. They are chance occurrences, unsafe conditions and unsafe acts on the part of employees.

Are all plane crashes investigated?

The NTSB has primary authority to investigate every civil aviation accident in the United States; the agency is also authorized to conduct investigations involving both civilian and military aircraft “with the participation of appropriate military authorities”.

Is Air Crash Investigation real?

Dramatized reconstruction of real-life air disasters, along with interviews with aviation experts and eyewitnesses. Dramatized reconstruction of real-life air disasters, along with interviews with aviation experts and eyewitnesses.

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How long does a plane crash investigation take?

Aircraft crash investigations are often complex. It typically takes many months before definitive conclusions about the cause of a plane crash can be reached. In some instances, a case will settle shortly after it is filed, and occasionally even before. On average, a final resolution takes approximately two years.