How do I use my debit card at the airport lounge?

How do I access my airport lounge with my debit card?

Debit cards issued by popular banks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank etc. provide free airport lounge access.

  1. HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card. …
  2. HDFC Bank EasyShop Platinum Debit Card. …
  3. HDFC Bank RuPay Premium Debit Card. …
  4. JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Signature Debit Card.

How do I know if my card has access to lounge?

simply, open the digital lounge access code on your mobile device and show the lounge staff your lounge access QR code. They will scan the code and ask for your signature to confirm you have accessed the lounge.

Which card gives access to airport lounges?

Here the best credit cards for airport lounge access in India: HDFC Visa Signature Credit Card. HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card. Yatra SBI Credit Card.

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How do I get into the airport lounge without a credit card?

Airport Lounge Access – How to avail it free, without credit card

  1. Free Airport Louge using a promo code. …
  2. Free Airport Louge using Debit Card. …
  3. Free Airport Louge using Credit Card – under 2500 INR. …
  4. Priority Pass Membership – The ultimate lounge plan. …
  5. Lifetime Free Credit Card with no annual fee.

Is food free in airport lounges?

Yes, food is free in all airport lounges. Be it beverages or snacks, once you have access to the lounge they are available to you. Of course, there are exclusive meals also available that you need to pay for upfront.

Which axis debit card has airport lounge?

In case of an emergency, block your Debit Card instantly

New Delhi Plaza Premium Lounge Domestic Departures, Terminal 3
Mumbai Clipper Lounge International Departures, T2
The Axis Bank Priority Debit Card can be used to access the lounges for a maximum of two times every quarter of the calendar year

Can my wife use my credit card for lounge access?

For example, you can give your Priority Pass card to your wife/friend and they should be fine to access the lounge in most cases. One of my friend used to do it with her husband’s card and had no issues except once in international sector.

Which Mastercard is eligible for lounge key?

For Canadians, LoungeKey access is as easy as qualifying for an eligible Mastercard product from BMO, RBC, HSBC, or Rogers. For frequent travellers, the 4 complimentary passes offered annually with the BMO World Elite Mastercard are a very nice value, especially when you consider the other perks offered by the card.

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Which banks offer free airport lounges?

Which UK credit cards offer ‘free’ airport lounge access

  • American Express Preferred Rewards Gold credit card.
  • American Express Platinum.
  • HSBC Premier World Elite Mastercard.
  • HSBC Premier Mastercard.
  • Santander World Elite Mastercard.

Are airport lounges worth it?

Airport lounges can be great places to relax before your flight. They provide you with food and drink and a quiet, comfortable place to sit, and allow you to charge up your devices or get some last-minute work done before your flight.

What do airport lounges include?

What do lounges offer? Lounges are often filled with complimentary amenities such as premium food and snacks, fully stocked bars, modern shower facilities, fast WiFi, plentiful power outlets and secure business centers.

How do you get VIP lounge at airports?

There are a range of ways to get access to a lounge, but generally, you have four options:

  1. Buy a first- or business-class ticket. …
  2. Become an elite flyer. …
  3. Buy your way in. …
  4. Get a credit card that offers lounge access. …
  5. Buy a pass in advance. …
  6. Buy cheaper lounge passes from other travelers. …
  7. Head to alternative lounges.

Can you pay to get into airport lounges?

A variety of Canadian credit cards do offer lounge privileges included with the annual fee, but there are differences around how access is granted and which ones you can visit. Some cards offer unlimited access to select airport lounges, while others offer limited access each year.

How much does lounge access cost?

Day passes generally run between $29 and $75 per entry. However, some airline-branded credit cards give you 2 free lounge passes for every year that you renew your card (like the United SM Explorer Card).

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Is physical card required for lounge access?

No. In order to access a lounge you will need to present your digital membership / physical membership.